Sunday, 1 August 2010

Tacky fantastic

A friend posted this chandelier on Facebook earlier, and I thought it was fabulous for being so tacky and horrible as well as awesome, and suddenly I yelled "It's AWESOMELY AWFUL!!" and remembered I had a blog! Yay!

Upon a quick search, I discovered there are more lamps in the range:

I would say they are awesome, but they are, of course, also quite hideous. The last enormous chandelier is my personal favourite. What do you think?

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


I don't know a better word for it, but the term does seem to be "bodies" or, I suppose bodysuits. I remember back in the early 90's when we had "bodies". Things like tops but with poppers to do up on your crotch so it held it tight and always looked tucked into your trousers. They sort of look like swimsuits. Well.. I noticed a year or so ago that they came back into fashion somehow. Lo and behold, all the young'uns (I make myself sound old don't I- I'm only 26!) have gone and bought the damn things and are wearing them.

You probably won't catch many people my age or older joining in though, because we REMEMBER wearing "bodies" back in the 90s and we remember why we stopped wearing them. Poppers that rub on your crotch, or lumpy velcro where you really don't want lumpy bits? It undoing in public and pinging out spectacularly, or worse still, hanging out the back of your trousers and flapping around behind you, and you didn't even notice. And then, the dreaded moments of trying to faff around to undo the damn thing to use the toilet. I was too young, but older generations have told me that when inebriated this was a mammoth task and resulted in accidents, and I imagine it was also a real passion killer when getting down and dirty with a guy, having to take off your bodygro for grownups... *cringe*

Rihanna wearing one... Awesome or not? I don't know.

This is all reasons for it to be AWFUL, but it is also awesome, because on the right people it looks stunning... see here:

In searching for photos for this post, I'm afraid I have stumbled upon the monstrosity of the MALE BODYSUIT. I can only imagine how it must feel to have poppers around your nads, and I feel sorry for any men that buy and wear these, and I know that if I was to slip my hand down a guy's trousers and discover poppers, I would be afraid (also my husband would probably be quite cross with me, unless it was him wearing it, and then I'm not sure if it would actually count as grounds for divorce if he thought that was a good fashion choice) *shudder* I can't actually bring myself to save any photos of these men's bodysuits to show you, I will leave it to your own discretion to click the link or not...

NHS frames 2

I just thought of someone who proves the NHS frames can be Awesomely Awful, as mentioned in my last post. Anyone who follows the most recent series of Britain's Next Top Model, will have noticed one of the new judges, the stylist Grace Woodward, and her glasses.

She has the most enormous "Geek Chic" black plastic frames, and yet every time I see her, I think she just oozes pure sex and style, and I just want to go and hump her leg like a horny dog. So there must be something in the dodgy NHS frames look right?

(all images courtesy of Google Image search and wherever the hell found them.. I don't own any of these images)

Sunday, 25 July 2010

NHS frames...

Another thing that bugs me is this new emo type fashion for enormous glasses frames. I feel like perhaps this is a sign that I am getting old and just don't understand what them young kids are doing nowadays *waves walking stick*. As I have worn glasses since I was 5 years old, I remember the horror of the NHS FRAMES and in the 80s when glasses were big and plastic, because they couldn't make lovely thin light 'barely there' ones that you couldn't see, with lightweight metal and bendy arms.

So I am confused by this new fashion. Are they awful? Are they awesome? Some people I have seen walking around wearing them do totally rock the look, but I cannot get past the voice in my head that remembers 80s fashion and cringes, and will only think of Janet Street-Porter..

The thing that started it all....

Have you ever seen something that you can't decide if it's genius or actually ugly? This is a blog for the things that dance over that line of ugly/beautiful... awesome/awful.

So what thing sparked me to start this blog? When I was perusing eBay today, I found this teacup, and after looking at it repeatedly, I cannot for the life of me decide if it should be stomped on and melted into a puddle, or if it she be worshipped and admired on a pedestal. A true piece of awesome/awful.. dancing over the line of good and bad taste.

So what is your opinion? Awesome or awful, or is it both? Have you seen anything lately that can't decide if it's in good or bad taste? Let me know!